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Top Event Artists

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Elizabeth McCormick$$

Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot and author of The P.I.L.O.T. Method, Elizabeth McCormick travels the globe to share her story. As a professional speaker, she provides keynotes at conventions, association meetings, conferences, and corporate events. Her story is empowering, uplifting, and relatable even if her experience is vastly different than most. She uses her time as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot and Chief Warrant Officer for the U.S. Army to inspire others.

Her most requested motivational and entertaining keynote is called “YOU. In the Pilot’s Seat.” In this keynote, she shares her professional development secrets for success and how to overcome obstacles. Her other keynote options include a management motivator that highlights important leadership skills, or the “Stay Alert- Stay Alive” option which teaches how to encourage and emphasize safety measures. She offers a workshop training model as well called “The P.I.L.O.T. Method” where she reveals her business success formula from her book.

Michael Cavanaugh$$

Michael Cavanaugh is the new voice of American Rock n’ Roll.  In 2000, Michael received an offer that would unknowingly change his career, with the opportunity to play in Las Vegas at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. This is where he was spotted by Billy Joel, who joined him on stage and the rest was history! It was here that Billy decided he found his new piano man and hand-picked Michael to star in the Broadway Musical Movin’ Out where he received both Tony and Grammy nominations in the lead role.   He currently tours the country playing the American Rock and Roll Songbook with the most renowned symphonies in the country, including playing with the Boston Pops on July 4, 2015 in front of an estimated crowd of 500,000.   In 2017, his album “The Way I Hear It” debuted at #17 on the Billboard HeatSeekers chart.

There are many unique aspects of a Cavanaugh performance.  He offers multiple band configurations (solo, trio and full band) to meet many different budgets and sizes of audience.  Adam Kahan, of Empire Entertainment, called Michael the best value for corporate entertainment “dollar for dollar, bar none.” Michael’s specialty is music that rocks! His set list varies based on the audience, and generally includes hits from Billy Joel, as well as well-known songs from the 50’s to present chart toppers.  While generally including hits from Billy Joel, it also includes well known songs from the 50’s to today based on the audience. Michael will cater his set list to what your audience wants to hear, so you know your attendees will have a rockin’ time!

William Close$

You may recognize Williams Close from the 2012 season of America’s Got Talent, placing 3rd for his miraculous Earth Harp performances. Studying sculpture, sound design and music composition at The Art Institute of Chicago, William Close has become installation artist and inventor of more than 100 instruments. His most known instrument, The Earth Harp, has been dubbed by World Record Academy and Guinness as the world’s longest string instrument. The Earth Harp has a chamber that rests on the stage where strings are strung across the venue, attaching to the surrounding architecture or outdoor space, turning the whole venue into the instrument itself.

William performs with The Earth Harp Collective, which is a group of artists, performers and aerialists showcasing their remarkable talent. His performances create the most unique concert experience out there, offering dynamic sounds from extraordinary instruments. Perfect for Avant Garde entertainment and with varying price points for most entertainment budgets.

Coach Ken Carter$$

Coach Ken Carter is a leading keynote speaker on education. He is widely known thanks to the Blockbuster hit Coach Carter starring Samuel L. Jackson. His story began when he started coaching a high school basketball team. The height of his career was when he locked out his undefeated team from the gym because they had failed to maintain the grades he required and had noted in the contracts the team had signed at the beginning of the season. He wanted his athletes to be students first and players on his court second. He worked hard to get teachers in the school to be on board with his methods and was eventually let go because of them. There wasn’t any money to make his vision a reality, but the athletes respected him and his coaching.

Coach Ken Carter coaches a SlamBall’s champion team—The Rumble. He is also an owner of Prime Time Publishing, Prime Time Sports, and is an author. In 2002, he carried the Olympic torch for the San Francisco Bay Area and he also founded the Coach Ken Carter Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that develops and promotes education for minority youth.

Freckled Sky$$

Freckled Sky is comprised of an elite class of artists, speakers, dancers, and technological geniuses. Their dynamic group is a great event for corporate events, product launches, trade shows, award galas, private events, and even music concerts. Our events are brought together through collaborating with clients and create a one-of-a-kind experience in-line with the client’s vision.

Freckled Sky has won a variety of awards and have worked with several artists since their time on America’s Got Talent. They worked with Paula Abdul on her “Straight Up Paula!” Tour and were the face behind P!nk’s sensational water show at the 2019 BRIT Awards.


Mo5aic made their appearance in 2009 on season 4 of Americas Got Talent. They have taken A capella to the next level with unique sounds of their personal instruments- THEIR VOICE! They are no barbershop trio or doo-wop group.  This group alters their voices in ways that can hold their own next to actual instruments. They can arrange, tweak and manipulate their vocals to create sounds together that no A cappella group has mastered.

They have original songs as well as performances of classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, “Take 5” by Dave Brubeck, “Just the Way You Are” by Justin Bieber, and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. This musical talent will bring an incredible dynamic to your event- allowing your audience to me mesmerized by their vocal abilities.

Alexa Meade$$

Art comes in many forms: for Alexa Meade, art is three-dimensional. Instead of perfecting her craft only on flat surfaces, she has developed custom techniques that allow her to paint objects like people to make them appear as flat canvases.

Alexa’s art has been exhibited at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the United Nations building, The Lincoln Center, and the Grand Palais. She has had many pieces commissioned by companies such as MINI Cooper, Sony, Porsche, and Ralph Lauren. She has worked with David Blaine (magician), Lil Buck (dancer), Ariana Grande, and spacetime researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

She didn’t just fall into art as a career and become famous overnight. In fact, she didn’t plan to be an artist at all. Head over to our blog to learn more about Alexa’s journey

Silver Arrow Band$

Formed in 2012, the Silver Arrow Band came together to share their passion for music with the New York City Community. Powered by unbreakable harmonies and incredible instrumental sound, the Silver Arrow Band has over 200,000 views of their performances on YouTube and has quickly become a sought-after household name.

It’s safe to say the Silver Arrow Band are live music experts, offering different band configurations so they are ready to work with a diverse range of budgets and audience sizes. Some of the bands and artists they have performed with include, Beyoncé, Bon Jovi, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Macklemore, Stevie Wonder, and Taylor Swift.

The band’s captivating, high-energy performances carry people to the dance floor and make it impossible TO NOT have a great time. Let’s face it, the Silver Arrow Band is a group that knows how to entertain and is ready to fill the dance floor, taking your event to the next level.

Ravi Drums$$

Ravi Drums is a Music Revolution! He has far-exceeded anything ever done by any other drummer before. He doesn’t play a typical drum set, but rather a custom NASA-designed drum rig with a dream screen that looks like it came straight from the set of Star Wars!
DJ Ravi has performed at a variety of private events for celebrities like Michael Jordan, Quentin Tarantino, Carson Daly, Halle Berry, and Will Smith as well as corporations such as Nike, Access Hollywood, HBO, Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz, HBO, Fox, and Diesel. He was featured in “The Matrix Reloaded” and a GAP commercial! It is said that a DJ Ravi show makes “every night feel like New Year’s Eve!”

Shimshi Magician

Shimshi is an illusionist and mentalist. He found his break on America’s NBC hit “America’s Got Talent” where he was the last magician standing. Shimshi has performed at many events and for thousands of people. His magic and mental illusions are otherworldly and are sure to entertain even the most skeptical.

MindPlay is Shimshi’s one man Mentalism show. This show is highly entertaining and involves audience participation. Shimshi’s talent has left audiences gasping for over 20 years across the world. From items defying gravity to him knowing information that would usually be impossible for him to know unless he knew them (like the name of their first love or even their birthday), his performance will make you question the concept of “impossible.”

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